Welcome To The Centerburg Conservation Club

Fishing, camping, shooting, and family fun! 

The Centerburg Conservation Club is a non-profit organization and a private club. If you are interested in a tour of our club please email us. 


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2018 Membership dues:

Dues should have been paid by the due date of January 1st or paid by 1/31/18 to avoid late fees.


If you are just now paying your 2018 dues, a $40 late fee will be applied. Anyone that does not pay by March 1st 2018 will no longer be a member and have to reapply for membership at a later date. 




Our monthly meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 8:00pm. If that Monday falls on a holiday, the meeting will be the following Monday. 


At these meetings we discuss everything involved with running the club, what has happened since the previous meeting and what we plan to do or work on in the future. Almost all major decisions are discussed at these meetings and voted on by the membership. We also discuss the club's finances, elect our Officers and Trustees, appoint committees, and vote on  new members. All current and prospective members are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


If you are interested in what is going on at the club coming to the meetings is the best way to stay in the loop. 



Current Officers:


President-          Dan Shaw     740-501-8119

Vice President-  Brit Smith      740-507-8708

Treasurer-         Joel Sexton    740-358-9557

Secretary-         Aleta Young   740-397-7895

Membership-     open (call Joel Sexton w/ any questions on membership)




Dan White                                567-241-2890

Dave Rumpke                          614-364-3587

Jerry Riley                                740-397-9040

Jim Stephenson                       614-306-9200                       





Robert "Bob" Smith

June 21, 1944- November 24 2017




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