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The Centerburg Conservation Club is a non-profit organization and a private club. If you are interested in a tour of our club please email us. 


 ****If you are interested in becoming a member CLICK HERE for more information.****


                                             ATTENTION CLUB MEMBERS:    


 As we wrap up summer and get into fall you will notice that the activity will be slowing down and range time will become busy as hunting season nears. Make sure that you as members are following all of the rules when it comes to using the range. If those rules are broken could result in loss of membership card. Please be safe make sure everyone is paying attention. Also starting in November through January your membership dues will need to be renewed. The cost is $95 for the year if you are a new member that is wanting to join you will need a backround check prior you getting your membership card. New member cost is $160. Our event was held on Sept.25 for the kids fishing day, we had about 80 kids attend along with parents, the event was a big success. A big thank you to all of volunteers that helped with the planning and was there for the event. Our next club meeting will be November 1st at 7pm!  PLEASE do your part and do not leave your trash behind! 



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Please check the calendar to ensure that no events are going on at the club mainly the range.



2021 Membership:

2021 membership cards are no longer valid after December 31st. If you are on club grounds after Jan.1st you need to have a 2022 membership card. New Bylaws are now in effect as of October meeting and are now on the web page please read them.


2022 Membership: Just a reminder as of October we will be setting up the web page for members to renew their due of $95. We will also be having dates set up for members to come to the clubhouse to pay their dues along with breakfast being served. Members will have till January 1st to renew for face late charges. After the second late charge the membership will no longer be valid and you must rejoin as a new member. 





Our monthly meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm starting November until April. If that Monday falls on a holiday, the meeting will be the following Monday. Starting April 5th meeting time will be at 8pm and remain at that time untill the November meeting. 


At these meetings we discuss everything involved with running the club, what has happened since the previous meeting and what we plan to do or work on in the future. Almost all major decisions are discussed at these meetings and voted on by the membership. We also discuss the club's finances, elect our Officers and Trustees, appoint committees, and vote on  new members. All current and prospective members are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


If you are interested in what is going on at the club coming to the meetings is the best way to stay in the loop. 



Current Officers:

President-          Brit Smith               740-507-8708

Vice President-  Pete Phillips          740-504-9598 

Treasurer-         Jim Stephenson     614-306-9200 

Secretary-         Aleta Young            740-397-7895

(Please contact our President Brit Smith with any questions on membership or general club use)



Dave Rumpke                         614-364-3587

Jerry Riley                               740-397-9040

Larry Lawless                          740-507-6608                     


Range Committee:

Dan White                        740-390-9169

Pete Phillips                     740-504-9598

Ron McCallister               740-501-9343

Jerry Riley                       740-397-9040

Mark Hazel:OVML           614-623-9955


Robert "Bob" Smith

June 21, 1944- November 24, 2017 



Daniel Shaw

July 22, 1947- February 19, 2018   


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